This is a Project I have done for my seminar papers. The fundamental motivation behind it was to show someone who doesnt know anything about CG what can be possible in the world of 3D-rendering. So it had to be photo-realistic, very fantastic and impossible. Additionally creating something visually appealing was crucial. A junk in a turbulent ocean with mist and weather inside of a closed bottle was the idea I went with. To underline the "out of this world feeling" I created a very moody setting and chose an asian ship style. For the background I went with old weathered wood which also supports the sailing theme. Complementary lighting, a clear focal point in the middle and an exotic style of ship are the essential elements to this artwork.
A little gif of all the test renders I could find, which illustrates the process quite well.
The textured model of the junk with not too many details due to the junk being relatively small in the final artwork.
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